3 Reasons to Visit a Hand Specialist

What is a hand specialist, and do you need to see one? Many people have asked themselves the same questions – often unaware how specialized hand treatment and surgery can be. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or general symptoms for common hand ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, a visit to a Florida hand specialist could be in order.

Here are the three main reasons why:

1) Your primary doctor says so
Many patients begin their hand treatment with their primary doctor, which can be a great approach (especially in regards to pursuing insurance coverage for any ensuing treatment).

After reviewing your symptoms, your primary doctor may recognize that a hand specialist is required. Make sure to follow-up on this recommendation, as a hand specialist has special training and certifications to help them pursue effective and lasting treatment options.

2) You are experiencing persistent pain
People whose work or hobbies include activities with repetitive hand motions are at special risk for carpal tunnel syndrome (one of the most common hand ailments). All too often people grow used to pain and disregard symptoms for far too long. If pain persists for a week or more in the hand, fingers or up the arm and into the shoulder – it’s time to visit a hand specialist!

3) Your hand pain or discomfort is interrupting your day-to-day life and work
Everyone has a different threshold for pain, but even the toughest amongst us can experience a situation where pain starts to impact his or her productivity. If decreased range of motion, the inability to hold on to items or general weakness is impacting your work or leisure time, why not find out why – and what you can do about it.

A hand specialist will review your symptoms, ask you questions about your activities and help you get to the bottom of your hand pain.