Treating Wrist Pain From a Scaphoid Fracture

Falls and accidents are the culprits behind many patient reports of wrist pain.  One possible outcome when force occurs against a bone is a scaphoid fracture.  Depending on the nature of the fracture, a hand doctor will cover the thumb, hand, lower arm, and sometimes the elbow with a cast or perform surgery. Overview of Scaphoid Fractures The scaphoid is one of eight small bones in the wrist.  Found near the thumb, it most often breaks when someone falls onto an outstretched hand.   The Ohio State University states that many patients with scaphoid fractures assume they have sprained a wrist and remain unaware of a break for months or even…

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Raynaud’s Phenomenon: Why Do Your Hands Change Colors?

When your hands are exposed to cold temperatures, do your fingers turn white, then blue, then red? If so, you might have Raynaud’s Phenomenon, a condition that causes the tiny blood vessels of the hands to constrict so much that they block blood flow in the hands and fingers. This is often caused by cold temperatures, although stress can also trigger an episode. Fortunately, most cases can be managed by a hand doctor without the services of a hand surgeon. But why the different colors? First, the absence of fresh blood flow makes your fingers appear white. Next, the blue oxygen-deprived blood pools in the fingers, turning them blue. Finally,…

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Do You Have de Quervain’s Tendonitis?

If you feel pain whenever your grip anything with your hand, turn your wrist, or make a fist, then you might have de Quervain’s (dih kwer-VAINS) tendonitis (also called tenosynovitis). This condition affects the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist and is often caused by repetitive hand or wrist movements such as gardening, playing racket sports, and playing golf. If you suspect that you might have this condition of deQuervain’s tendonitis, then consult a hand doctor for an evaluation. What Are the Symptoms of de Quervain’s Tendonitis? This condition may appear suddenly or gradually. The most common symptoms include: * Pain or swelling on the wrist, near the…

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Gamekeeper’s Thumb

Gamekeeper’s Thumb is a condition that is the result of a tear to the ulnar collateral ligament or ‘UCL’ in the thumb at the second joint or ‘knuckle’. The term “Gamekeeper’s Thumb” was coined in 1955 after an orthopedic surgeon frequently observed this condition in gamekeepers. This injury is common in athletes, and is usually the result of hyperextending the thumb at the joint. Signs that you may be suffering from gamekeeper’s thumb include pain and swelling after an injury. Another common sign is intense weakness and inability to perform simple tasks, such as tying shoes or tearing a piece of paper. Treatment depends on diagnosis and at times can…

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First Signs of Dupuytren’s Contracture

Do you think that you may have Dupuytren’s disease? A common sign of this benign condition is ‘lumps and bumps’ in the palms, ‘puckering’ of the skin in the palms, and in the later stages of the disease, the slow progression of the finger(s) to assume a bent position. The exact cause is not known, however, it is usually found in people of northern european descent. The disease is not cancerous, and is not curable.  Progression of the disease is different for every person, and treatment is only necessary when the fingers become involved. In most cases, signs of Dupuytren’s disease do not occur until after the age of 40….

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DeQuervain’s Tendonitis

If you find yourself suffering with pain in your wrist or thumb when doing activities that used to cause you no discomfort, you may find yourself with a condition called DeQuervain’s Tendonitis. This condition comes from the inflammation of the tendons or tendon sheath. It is caused by repetitive hand and wrist movements and is most common in middle-aged women. At Florida Hand Center a typical treatment plan would consist of a steroid injection, splinting, and activity modifications. If adequate pain relief is not reached with these treatments an outpatient surgical procedure may be recommended. If you are a possible sufferer of this condition, schedule an appointment with Florida Hand Center or…

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Dupuytren’s Contracture

What is Dupuytren’s Contracture?Dupuytren’s Contracture is a condition that is diagnosed by spotting a tell-tale lump or pit in the palm. This usual first symptom can be painful and mostly felt at the base of the finger. The condition usually begins as a bump and can progress to form cords that will hinder movement of the fingers making it difficult to pick up change or even use a pen.Dupuytren’s can make it almost impossible to open the hand all the way or straighten out the fingers. Dupuytren’s Contracture is treatable, but as of yet there is no cure. Minimally invasive treatment is available at Florida Hand Center in which some of the abnormal tissue is…

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The Many Causes and Treatments of Wrist Pain

What Causes Wrist Pain – Quick Overview from the Florida Hand Center Wrist pain is a generalized common complaint and it can be challenging to diagnose the true cause.The Florida Hand Center has a highly-qualified team of medical experts that can help you find the source of the pain so that you can receive specific and successful treatment. The wrist is a complex joint made up of eight small bones with many small joints to allow you to perform a multitude of fine movements. The most common cause for wrist pain is trauma from falling on your hands, which can cause a sprain or even a fracture. Sport injuries are another cause…

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Signs of tennis elbow are different than elbow arthritis and treatment is offered at Florida Hand Center

Patients in search of tennis elbow treatment often ask whether tennis elbow is the same as elbow arthritis.It isn’t. The simple difference is that tennis elbow ( also known as lateral epicondylitis) affects the tendons around the elbow, while elbow arthritis is a joint affliction. Both can be painful, but it’s important to diagnose the proper cause of the elbow pain. If it turns out to be tendon related, tennis elbow treatment can be effective, but may require several treatments and occupational therapy. But first, the signs of tennis elbow.While elbow pain associated with tennis elbow can come on suddenly and be severe, more frequently it develops slowly, with the…

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Tips for Diagnosing Joint and Finger Arthritis

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – With more and more American’s suffering from hand pain many are consulting with a hand specialist to determine whether they are suffering from a condition such as finger arthritis or joint arthritis. While a hand specialist like those at Florida Hand Center can often offer a definitive diagnosis regarding finger or joint arthritis, there are some symptoms hand pain suffers can look for prior to consulting a physician. Here are five symptoms to look for when considering whether a painful hand might be arthritic. 1. Painful Joints – The most common symptom of arthritis is joint pain. Joint arthritis pain isn’t the same among all arthritis suffers,…

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