Can Playing Video Games Cause Carpal Tunnel?

There’s no doubt that modern electronic devices can be exceptionally hard on the hands and wrists. Constantly beckoning us to text loved ones and make use of our staggering array of colorful digital apps, smart phones are certainly a big part of the problem. Video games, however, present a very unique and dangerous threat. Able to cast a captivating spell over people of all ages, video games can entice players to hold and manipulate controllers for hours and hours at a time. Of course, we’ve all heard stories of extremely dedicated players who may get lost in a specific game for days at a time. But you don’t need to…

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Wrist Pain From Golfing

You love to play golf. Getting out there on the green not only challenges yourself, but helps you to relax and share quality time with friends, family members, or colleagues. And, you’ve been lucky because you’ve had the opportunity to spend weekends golfing for many years. The problem is that along with all of these fun golf outings, you’ve begun to experience wrist pain. And for many people, it’s not just a question of “if” you’ll develop pain in your wrist from golfing, but “when”. Why Does Wrist Pain Happen? Sometimes your sore wrist can be the result of an acute golfing injury, such as a strain, sprain, or tear….

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Trigger Finger From Weight Lifting

If enjoy weight lifting as a hobby or part of your fitness routine, you might have experienced a condition known as trigger finger. This condition is caused by repetitive movements and forceful movements of the thumb or fingers — both of which are involved in weight lifting. What is Trigger Finger? This painful condition causes your thumb or fingers to essentially “lock” when bent. It occurs when your flexor tendons, which are tough bands of strong tissue that connect your bones and muscles, become inflamed or thickened. Prolonged use can produce irritation and cause the tendon to swell, become inflamed, and thicker than normal. When this happens, it impedes your…

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What Does Arthritis In Your Hands Feel Like?

The Arthritis Foundation reports that as many as one in five people over 18 years of age suffer from arthritis in at least one of their joints. Whether due to joint inflammation or wearing down of your cartilage over time, arthritis evolves when your cartilage that normally provides shock absorption and cushioning is unable to function as it’s supposed to. When you develop arthritis in your hands, it can cause a number of symptoms including: Painful hands. Pain in your hands is often the first sign of arthritis. The pain you experience can be either a burning sensation or a dull, achy feeling. This pain may make it difficult for…

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When You Need Hand Surgery

Incredibly complex and flexible, the human hand can perform a variety of amazing tasks from embroidery to keyboarding to sculpture. Hand pain or deformity can limit many daily activities. Disease, injury or degenerative conditions like arthritis can limit motion and cause pain. Hand surgery may be necessary to correct these problems. When you need hand surgery, the experts at the Florida Hand Center stand ready to help. Which Doctors Perform Hand Surgery? Whether you use the term hand doctor, hand surgeon or hand specialist, you’re nearly always talking about an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand and wrist conditions. After medical school and an orthopedic surgical residency, these doctors complete…

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Florida Hand Doctor Discusses Arthritis of the Hand

Florida Hand Doctor Discusses Arthritis of the Hand There are many bones, muscles and ligaments in your hands, and they all work together to perform a very wide range of motion, from grasping large objects to threading a needle. Arthritis of the hands can make these tasks difficult, as pain and stiffness prevent you from moving your fingers, thumb and wrists freely. Left untreated, arthritis can actually change the shape of the bones in your hand and wrist, causing even more pain and limited mobility. Fortunately, our Florida hand doctor has the training, experience, and advanced tools to detect, diagnose and treat arthritis of the hand. About Arthritis Arthritis is…

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Conditions That Are Treatable through Wrist Surgery

Don’t Live with Ongoing Wrist Pain People who suffer from chronic and acute wrist pain are willing to go to great lengths to find some relief. But after months or even years of wearing braces, applying cold/heat, stretching, resting, and popping an array of both over-the-counter and prescription painkillers, many people simply can’t control the pain without surgical intervention. If this sounds like you, you may have one of many conditions that can be treated by a skilled and knowledgeable wrist surgeon.  Although patients are discouraged from engaging in self-diagnosis, it may be helpful and/or comforting to walk into your first doctor’s appointment with a general understanding of the most…

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Hand Pain – Conditions and Cures

While pain can certainly occur after a hand or wrist  injury, there are also many other reasons why your hands might hurt. Treatment strategies can range from conservative therapy aimed at decreasing symptoms and promoting function to surgery. Orthopedic hand specialists are specifically trained in hand pain management. Here’s a bit more about hand pain, courtesy of the Florida Hand Center in  Florida. De Quervain’s Tendinitis This condition causes pain on the thumb side of the wrist; it occurs because of irritation and inflammation of the wrist tendons at the base of the thumb. Wrist fractures increase the risk of de Quervain’s and repeatedly holding the wrist in certain positions…

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The Basics of Basilar Joint Arthritis

Basilar Joint Arthritis Defined Otherwise known as “thumb arthritis,” basilar joint arthritis is the most common form of hand wear and tear arthritis (osteoarthritis) according to the medical experts at the Mayo Clinic. The condition arises when the joint cartilage at the base of the thumb begins to wear away. As this cartilage tissue becomes thinner, it provides less and less cushioning to protect against the thumb’s constant fine motor movements. Without an abundance of cushioning cartilage, damage and inflammation compound exponentially as joints become rougher and grind even harder against one another. Patients often become aware of this damage when they begin to experience pronounced localized pain, swelling, tenderness, and…

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Are Those Bumps on My Hand Cancerous Tumors? Relax – Those Lumps may be Ganglion Cysts

Are Those Bumps on My Hand Cancerous Tumors? Relax – Those Lumps may be Ganglion Cysts Having an unexplained lump appear can be frightening. If you are like most people, you automatically worry about cancer when mysterious bump appears. Many people who develop ganglion cysts on their hands worry that they have a malignant tumor or some other life-threatening disease. Fortunately, ganglion cysts are usually harmless. Our hand doctor can determine whether the lump on your hand is a ganglion cyst or something more serious. People used to refer to ganglion cysts as “bible bumps,” according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon’s website A Nation in Motion, because doctors…

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