Lawn Mower Safety Rules for Healthy Hands and Feet

Every year, over 74,000 people are hurt or killed by lawn mower accidents. Nearly 22% of these injuries involve the hand, finger, or wrist. In some cases, the hand must be amputated. By understanding how injuries occur and following safety tips recommended by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, you and your family can reduce your risk of injury, no matter what type of mower you use. Common Causes of Injury Accidents are more likely to happen when: * The grass or ground is damp. Wet grass will clog the blade more easily. * The mower is pulled backwards. * A passenger is on a riding mower or…

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Hand Injury First Aid Tips from a Hand Doctor

Disclaimer: Any injury to the hand or wrist should be evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible. This includes cuts, burns, blunt force trauma, and any other type of injury. The human hand contains 29 bones, 29 joints, 34 muscles, 123 ligaments, 48 nerves, and 30 arteries—plus all the arteries and ligaments that are too little to be named. You use every single one of these components every day. With so many moving parts, it’s not surprising that hand injuries can be serious. When you have an injured hand or wrist, avoid self-diagnosis; only a hand doctor can accurately determine if it’s a sprain, strain, broken bone, or…

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Choosing a hand doctor: the critical credential

Your hands are one of your body’s most useful tools, and sometimes they need a doctor of their own. Hand doctors and hand surgeons specialize in knowing exactly how the complex workings of bone, muscle and joints combine to power the hands. If you are experiencing symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome or continual pain, numbness or clumsiness in the hands, it is likely time to consult a hand doctor. But how do you know which hand doctor you can trust? Certifications First and foremost, check a doctor’s certification. Hand doctors and hand surgeons should be board-certified through the Boards of Surgery or Orthopedic Surgery, both of which are recognized by…

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Great Staff and Great Doctors

At the Florida Hand Center we are dedicated to keeping you and your family healthy. Along with our free screening events and with our new select dates with longer hours there is no reason why you should not be receiving the care you need. Dr. Helgemo is a Board Certified Hand and Arm Surgeon and a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Olarte is a Board Certified General Surgeon with subspecialty fellowship training in Hand and Microsurgery. Our amazing doctors have an enormous amount of experience and training to help you with any hand or arm ailments you may be experiencing. So whether you are suffering from a household accident that has left…

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Holiday Hand Safety

As the temperature turns cooler and we get closer to the holiday season it is important to remember the need for hand safety.  Thanksgiving is this month–the holiday of family, turkey, and football. Keep safe this holiday by remembering a few tips that will guarantee that you make it through without a hitch. Each year people sustain hand injuries while preparing the feast. Accidents occur very easily when carving so remember never to cut toward yourself, keep your work area well-lit and dry, and use kitchen shears when things get too tough. Also it is important to know when or if you should visit your local hospital. If after applying…

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2012 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis

The staff at the Florida Hand Center is getting ready to lace up their sneakers to participate in the 2012 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis! Taking place in Punta Gorda at Laishley Park on November 30th, this kickoff to the holiday season is a great event which brings attention to a cause close to our hearts. The nation’s #1 cause of disability will have runners and walkers hitting the pavement to raise money to tackle arthritis and to show their support of one another. Filled with high energy fun and good cheer, this event will not only feature good exercise, but also a visit from Santa himself. Bring the family for…

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Great Care and Service

Florida Hand Center is the premier treatment facility known for providing excellent care to people with conditions affecting the elbow, wrist, and hand. People come from all over Florida to meet and receive treatment from Dr. Stephen Helgemo, Dr. Ivan Olarte, and the wonderful staff. In early 2010, the facility began to solicit testimonials from our previous clients in order to assist us in building the best center possible. We soon learned our patients were exceptionally happy with our care and treatments! The responses we received from these surveys were mind boggling! We happily discovered that over 96% of our surveyed patients would recommend us to their friends and family….

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Extended Hours Accommodate Full-Time Working Patients

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – Florida Hand Center is now offering extended hours! Dr. Helgemo, Port Charlotte’s renowned carpal tunnel specialist, is pleased to offer dates with accommodating times for his busy patients. Dr. Stephen Helgemo understands that finding time for oneself, no matter how crucial the need, can be extremely difficult. Juggling work and time with family can make even the most dedicated multi-tasker forget about their own needs. The extended office hours are available on select dates and are from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please call for the specific dates and times available. Suffering from hand pain and living with decreased mobility is unnecessary. There are so many…

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Patient Testimonials

The testimonials that Florida Hand Center receives from the many patients that visit our doctors and staff are heartwarming. With so many testimonials from former patients who have undergone surgery and treatments, it is wonderful to know that they felt that we gave them the respect and level of care that they needed. The wonderful responses we get from our patients not only make the staff feel like they have touched someone’s life for the better, but it also allows future patients who are experiencing fear and uncertainty to confirm through the eyes of past patients that they can place their trust in our hands. Read below for a wonderful…

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Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Trigger finger is a painful condition that causes the fingers or thumb to play weird tricks on you. Fingers and thumbs can ‘catch’ or ‘lock’ in a bent position. These problems occur when tendons that are located within a protective sheath become inflamed. These tendons connect the muscles of the hand/wrist to your finger and thumb which allow the digits to bend, or flex. A tendon usually glides smoothly through the sheath that covers it and keeps them in place, but when a tendon becomes inflamed and swollen, that ease of movement is lost. This causes a ‘snapping’ or ‘popping’ when the inflamed portion is pulled through the narrowed tendon…

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